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Film Distribution Services

We’ve got the best distribution network to release your movies worldwide.

Film Negative Scanning

We have the latest and advanced film scanner to digitize your 35mm film negative and positive film into amazing quality 4K DPX Files, The 4K resolution from 35mm film that hasn’t been experienced till date.

Color Grading

We’ve got fully equipped 4K Color Grading Professional facility for all your color critical projects.


We provide both automatic and manual restoration services in 4K Resolution.


Convert your digital Betacam tapes to digital video files for storage and future retrieval.

Conversion Services

Advanced format conversion from DPX, TIFF, TGA and Image based formats to HD/2K/4K Apple Prores, XDCAM, H.264, MPEG etc. Broadcast standard conversions with 8 Track Dolby E audio.

Bluray, DVD and VCD Mastering services

Translation Services and Subtitling Services – for both, theatrical and post release requirements.