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Starring: Indrajith, Kunjacko Boban, Mamta Mohandass, Gowri Munjal, Baby Anika

Directed by: Kukku Surendran

Music by: Vishwajeet

Genre: Family Thriller

Released Year: 2011

Synopsis: Race is a family thriller which revolves around Kunjacko Boban and his little family consisting of his wife Mamta Mohandass and baby girl (Baby Anika). The story depicts how some dramatic events in a 24-hour time frame collapses the peaceful ambience of this little family. Everything begins when Kunjacko Boban leaves for Bangalore to attend a conference. There, a girl named Gowri Munjal pulls out a gun from her bag and tells him that his daughter is kidnapped. From there, the movie shifts to an aesthetically thrilling pace. Anika is kidnapped by Indrajith and Kunjacko Boban is asked to arrange One crore Rupees as Ransom to release his daughter. Now, Kunjacko Boban has to arrange the money within 24 hours and save his daughter. It’s actually a race against time and all odds.

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